Island of Cres Wedding/Dorotea&Toni/

This wedding story was a really amazing experience! Dorotea and Toni became our friends from the inital meeting, and now that it’s all over we are still finding excuses to hang out (btw, the game of pictionary is still on) :). Toni is from the island of Cres so the whole wedding took place there.This


Dear everyone, it’s been 2 months since we came back from London! We really enjoyed the city and we can finally look back on our thoughts and share them with you. We stayed with two of our dearest friends in their lovely flat in Battersea. Since they so kindly accepted us for 10 days, we

An Austrian prewedding session in Croatia

Last year, we got a wonderful email from this couple from Austria. They liked our work, so we arranged a Skype session and things clicked so fast that a while later we were officially their wedding photographers. Angela and Silvester had the will to come to Croatia and meet us in person. During our conversation

Sarah & Ino – best of 2016

We wanted to do this blog post for the last month or so. We finally found time to reflect on the last year which was really packed with awesome stuff. I got my photography degree, and now I can completely focus on our photography work…:D. We’ve met so many wonderfull couples who really made us

Sarah and Ino – destination wedding photographers /London/Trip/

Dear all, we are heading to London, Enlgand! We are finished with the 2016 wedding season and looking for some inspiration and recharging our batteries :). Beside sightseeing, food and cake eating we are willing to grab a beer, share the stories with fellow photographers or make a quick session if you or your friends