New packaging and album covers :)

Dear all, we are sorry we didn’t publish anything new in a while now. We were busy designing our new logo, choosing the packaging design and new linen covers for the wedding books we provide. Below are photos of our new wooden boxes which come equipped with a wooden USB 3.0 and a extra compartment with 15 fine art prints from your special day:) We have been offering hardcover wedding books with printed photos on it, finally we offer an additional option with a linen cover :). All the wedding books are printed on a premium semi-gloss paper (190. gsm). A big shout-out to Katarina Opic who helped us with our new logo, Kata is awesome, google her ! :) That’s it for now, hope you all like this as much as we do! :) Have a nice one !

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Ino Zeljak

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