Tips & tricks for posing at your engagement/solo session

Wanting to experience how people feel when doing a prewedding session, Sarah and I decided to become „a bride and a groom“ for a day. We went to Medvednica, the mountain above Zagreb and did a (kinda) short photosession. We are so used to being behind the lens that our first and only thought was „where?“, „what?“, „when?“



As I am writing this, two days later, I still don’t have any specific answers but on that day I felt that as time passed we started to feel a bit more relaxed. In the beginning I felt better when not looking at the camera, just focusing on Sarah: chatting, joking… We gave ourselves some tasks and poses just for the sake of doing something in front of the camera but the best photos were the spontaneous ones, which happened in between taking the posed ones.



While shooting we also noticed that we have to be careful about the space between us, you can never stand too close to each other. A couple of centimeters of distance too much can look like a huge amount of space between the bride and the groom. It is also always better to have Her hugging Him with Her arms on top, otherwise it may seem like He is trying to choke Her :). Of course there are exceptions depending on various situations…



Next, hold your hands! It helps to show your affection for each other… All of this may seem fake to you, but once you start and when we capture the „in between“ moments, it will look very natural. So, let your photographer suggest you things and trust him.



Taking good photos may take some time… Our little session was about 3h long (it was a bit longer since we were using a tripod). Be prepared to maybe get muddy and dirty, walk into bushes and wait until we find a good location and lighting. It will be worth it in the end.



Kissing can also sometimes be tricky on pictures. If you open your mouth too much, it may seem as if you are eating each other, so the best way to do it is with a gentle touch  (don’t let your nose get all crooked) and a little smile.


Get to know your photographer before The Big Day. The best way to do that is the prewedd session because you learn how to relaxe and communicate with the photographer. Your wedding day can be emotional and personal so you do not want to look stiff and uncomfortable on your photos, that’s why we suggest to get rid of that akwardness on your prewedding session. Trust us, you will be able to see the difference !

Photography by: Sarah and Ino

Models: Sarah and Ino :)

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Ino Zeljak

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