An Austrian prewedding session in Croatia

Last year, we got a wonderful email from this couple from Austria. They liked our work, so we arranged a Skype session and things clicked so fast that a while later we were officially their wedding photographers. Angela and Silvester had the will to come to Croatia and meet us in person. During our conversation they said that they really like Rijeka, so we went for a little road trip and did a short prewedding session on the way :). Why is this important? The main reason is that a photographer is with you for the whole day, so it is very important that that person doesn’t go on your nerves and that you feel comfortable with him. Sarah and I love doing short prewedding sessions before the big day, it may sound like a hassle, but even if we don’t make spectacular photos we, as photographers, introduce you with the basics of posing (if you want to know more about this, we did a short post about posing “Sarah & Ino on posing” :) ), the camera presence and all the other stuff…Believe us; this, and the fact that you have to feel comfortable with your photographer, will lead to awesome pictures on your big day! We had so much fun with Angela and Silvester whom we also got to know better. Angela & Silvester thank you for a such a great day and the effort that you put into doing this session! We can’t wait for your Linz wedding, it is going to be awesome!!! :)

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Ino Zeljak

  • Vladimir

    Awesome work, as usuall :)

    1. Ino Zeljak

      Thank you Vladimir! :)

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