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it’s been 2 months since we came back from London! We really enjoyed the city and we can finally look back on our thoughts and share them with you. We stayed with two of our dearest friends in their lovely flat in Battersea. Since they so kindly accepted us for 10 days, we explored the city in a totally different way. Trying to avoid all the touristy places, we would sit on any bus that came our way and just go wherever. Funny enough, this time we didn’t snap any typical «Big Ben/phone booth/…» photos :) . We both really love to eat and try new kinds of food so London certainly didn’t dissapoint; it offers a huge variety of bites from all over the world (with according but still justified prices)… It was hard to avoid food even when we were full since there is a bakery, an interesting take out, a sushi or burger place in every single street! :)

While we were in London, we also met with Eve and Jack, a couple that is getting married on Hvar in Croatia this spring. It was really refreshing to us, as wedding photographers, to take photos in a completely new environment. Now we can’t wait to continue capturing their story on the Croatian coast in just a few months :) .

We ended our journey with a day trip to Brighton, and it was a dream come true since one of Ino’s favorite photographers, Martin Parr, made some of his best work there. Brighton is a lovely seaside town just an hour away from London, with a special vibe (the simplest way to put it) and even the light looks different there; it has a pastel feel to it… We hope you like our little photo story from London, Brigton and Eve & Jack. :)

(Disclaimer: Sarah was worried that her red sweater would make her look like she didn’t really change her clothes, but it is so warm that she was putting it on top of everything on extremely cold days. There! In case you were wondering-yeah right, we’re sure you did ;) )

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Ino Zeljak

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