Island of Cres Wedding/Dorotea&Toni/

This wedding story was a really amazing experience! Dorotea and Toni became our friends from the inital meeting, and now that it’s all over we are still finding excuses to hang out (btw, the game of pictionary is still on) :). Toni is from the island of Cres so the whole wedding took place there.This was the first island wedding experience for the both of us and we really have enjoyed it. The small village Lubenice, near the town of Cres, is a special place where Dorotea and Toni first met, so we deciced to do a prewedding session as well as their first look there, which turned out to be an excellent idea:)! On their wedding day, we had a foggy morning during the first look but the sun took over while coming back to the town of Cres :). Dorotea & Toni said they really enjoyed the whole experience and that they were totally relaxed which made all this experience even better:).

The day before the wedding, we were placed in an apartment with the florist Nina whom we met the next morning. Nina is one of those person with who you can instantly click with…and you have that felling that you’ve known her your whole life :D. I think it’s safe to say that we are definitely “wedding friends for life” :). Please check out her amazing work on the link…Pixy with love!!! We can’t wait for the next wedding styled by her because we make a great wedding photographers / florist team! :)

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Ino Zeljak

  • liliana rampazzo

    Un mariage magnifique
    des photos subtiles
    un couple digne des contes de fée
    un rêve devenu réalité.
    le bonheur dans les nuages
    tous les ingrédients pour un amour heureux
    pour le vivre encore longtemps, longtemps
    sur un chemin jalonné de joies, d’heureuses surprises ensoleillées

  • Ina Zamaklar

    Hi,i adore your photography so much,do you maybe need in future one more photographer? :)

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