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A year ago we tried to make our first wedding film in a manner that suits our taste…“our first try“ was done without the bride and groom knowing we were filming them. Of course we made tons of mistakes, since the approach for filming is so much different from photographing. On the other hand, back then we didn’t know the technical proces that well, it was something we wanted to do for fun (even though, that is still the case)…so we invested some of our free time at learning how to make that short wedding format that we like – we wanted the videos to be upbeat, happy, natural and not dramatic like most of the wedding films nowadays. We even like to leave in some little shakes and other small mistakes, just for the sake of it…So, after a couple of months of learning, we had the opportunity to film Silvester and Angela in Linz, Austria…We managed to capture a little memo of their speacial day and it suits the photos we made perfectly. There is something we love in this short type of movie format and how it makes you feel. For some time now, we are considering to offer this service alongside our photography business, what do you think about it?



…and the photos… ;)

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Ino Zeljak

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