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Hello, we are Sarah and Ino, a couple that loves travelling and food like everyone else (but more. Especially Sarah) and maybe your future wedding photographers :).

Originally, five year ago there was just Ino who was studying photography and occasionally doing weddings. Then he met Sarah. So, we became Sarah & Ino and started doing this together for a living about four years ago. Ino now has a MA degree in photography and Sarah is an illustrator and costume designer, which means we are able to learn a lot from each other, and also merge two different artistic views in one…

We know one thing for sure; we always wanted to tell stories in a photojournalistic way mixed with fine art and to be invisible while capturing moments on your big day; everything should be about you and your wedding. Our aim is to capture real emotions and help you remember the most important memories from your wedding.

Thanks to Ino, we’re professionals from the technical side, but Sarah adds the feminine touch and makes sure everything looks (including you) as beautiful as it should :).

We will come wherever you need us to be, and always give you our best.

Thank you for your time and interest, we apreciate you even considering us to be a part of your special day…

If you have any further question feel free to contact us, no strings attached. :)


Sarah & Ino

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