An Austrian prewedding session in Croatia

Last year, we got a wonderful email from this couple from Austria. They liked our work, so we arranged a Skype session and things clicked so fast that a while later we were officially their wedding photographers. Angela and Silvester had the will to come to Croatia and meet us in person. During our conversation

Sarah & Ino – best of 2016

We wanted to do this blog post for the last month or so. We finally found time to reflect on the last year which was really packed with awesome stuff. I got my photography degree, and now I can completely focus on our photography work…:D. We’ve met so many wonderfull couples who really made us

Tips & tricks for posing at your engagement/solo session

Wanting to experience how people feel when doing a prewedding session, Sarah and I decided to become „a bride and a groom“ for a day. We went to Medvednica, the mountain above Zagreb and did a (kinda) short photosession. We are so used to being behind the lens that our first and only thought was

Our first try :)

For a long time we wanted to make a wedding film which captures a whole day in a few minutes. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have anything against longer forms, but this is something that we prefer and would love to eventully do more seriously ☺. That being said, we are aware that this

New packaging and album covers :)

Dear all, we are sorry we didn’t publish anything new in a while now. We were busy designing our new logo, choosing the packaging design and new linen covers for the wedding books we provide. Below are photos of our new wooden boxes which come equipped with a wooden USB 3.0 and a extra compartment