Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book you for our wedding?

When you decide to book us, the reservation for your date is made by paying a 25% deposit of the service price and by signing an agreement which protects both sides. We are then your official photographers and are no longer available for any other job enquiery (we never book two weddings on the same day and we are always both attendant).

Can we meet you before we book?

Of course, we can alyways meet for a cup of coffee or beer! If you are too far away, we can always set up a Skype date :)

Do we need to know our wedding schedule?

We always want to talk about your schedule, so we can let you know about the importance of a particular part of the day like your first look or couple session, because of the light quality and some other reason you may not have the time to think about ;) Let’s plan this together so you can have amazing pictures at the end of the day!

How long does our couple session lasts?

It depends from couple to couple and what time are we doing your session. For example, the first look pictures have a lot of emotions since you are both in that moment and not worrying about posing. Meanwhile we are able to make beautiful pictures, and that takes us about a couple of minutes. Sarah and I realized that most authentic pictures are those were you enjoy your small private moments :) We’ve had situations when we were given only 5 minutes or 1 hour for the session and always managed to get the shots!

What if we don’t feel comfotrable in front of the camera?

It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while taking your pictures, that’s one of the reasons we give a free prewedding session to every couple that books us. During the prewedding session we will give you all of the advices and tips we know so you can practice before the big day (+ it’s fun and you get extra photos :) ). On the big day you will be more relaxed and spontaneous! Once again, the key is to enjoy the moment and be yourself.


The number of photos mentioned in the pricelist is just an average number for the whole day coverage, we will never count the exact number and not deliver the rest of the pictures. If we end up with 900 great photos after the selection you will receive all of them!

It usually takes us 4- 6 week to deliver the digital photos and 7 – 9 weeks for the wedding book. Of course, we are going to show you a pre – designed wedding book, nothing gets printed without your final approval! That way you can tell us what you would like to change in the book.


We are based in Zagreb but we really love to travel and explore new places, so we only charge the gas (2kn/km), tolls and accomodation expences if needed (if the travelling distance is bigger than 150km, accommodation is needed but we always try to find the most economical way to travel, we are not fussy.)

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